Fall 2017 Camps & Clinics

December 16 & 17 – CYCL Trail Camp #1

Fall 2017 Race Dates

October 1st – Fisher Farm Park, Davidson, NC

October 15th- North Mecklenburg Park, Huntersville, NC

October 29th- Rocky Branch Park, Belmont, NC

November 5th- North Mecklenburg Park, Huntersville, NC

Registration/check in opens at 9:00am on each race day and will close 10 minutes before each race starts. Racers may pre-ride the course before the first race starts. In fairness to all racers please do not do not attempt to ride the course while a race is in progress.

Charlotte Youth Cycling League

Fall Race day Itinerary

07:30 Venue set-up

08:30 Open Registration

10:00 Skills Clinic

10:30 9-10 year-old category start time 10:33 7-8 year-old category start time

11:00 Free 6 and under race/ride

11:30 15-17 year-old category start time 11:33 13-14 year-old category start time 11:36 11-12 year-old category start time 11:40 Podium awards for 9-10 and 7-8 categories

12:30 Podium awards for 11-12, 13-14 and 15-17 categories

13:30 Begin tear-down and clean-up Notes*

– Itinerary is the same for all venue sites.

– Skills clinic will be performed by a PMBIA certified Level 1 instructor.

– All courses are selected to fit the skills abilities of each age category


Start Time Age Group Distance Time
9:30AM All ages Skills clinic/ race training 30 to 45 Min
10:30AM Boys and Girls 9 to 10 3 Laps on Course “B” 30 to 45 Min
10:33AM Boys and Girls 7 to 8 2 Lap on Course “B” 15 to 30 Min
11:40AM Boys and Girls 13 to 14 2 Laps on Course “c” 45 to 60 Min
11:43AM Boys and Girls 11 to 12 2 Laps on Course “c” 45 to 60Min
11:45AM Boys and Girls 6 & Under 1-3 Laps on Course “A” 10 to 15 Min

Event Food

Occasionally, our sponsors will be provide food at CYCL races. We hope our participants will stick around and cheer on the other race participants.

Race Day Awards
Medals will be given three places deep in both boys and girls categories on race day.

CYCL Series Awards
Points will be tallied during the four race series and standings will be based on a total points basis.

Trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers in each age group for boys and girls. The Series awards ceremony will be held at the series finale.