The first CYCL race is THIS SUNDAY!

I’m going to get all PBS on you guys and do a registration drive this week. So every day I’m going to tell you all the great reasons why you should register right now.

You know you are going to anyway right? (please nod your head and say right.) So why not now? You know what happens when you show up on race day without pre-registering? You get to stand in line with say 50 people who didn’t pre-reg and you all get to fill out a registration form. Say buddy, can I use that pen after you? Honey, turn around so I can use your back as a writing surface. (cue the TV cheesy product announcer voice) What a mess!

Imagine race day when you pre-register.
(inset Scooby Doo wavy screen flashback affect)
It’s a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining, the kids got up early and made you breakfast, washed the car and loaded themselves up for the race. You arrive at Fisher Farm Park and see a huge knot of parents filling out paperwork on each others backs. You walk up the registration table. Neal Boyd says “Pre-registered?” You say yes, my racers name is Johnny Awesomesauce. Neal has you sign one little tiny sheet of paper and gives you Johnny’s number plate. Neal fist-bumps you and you stroll leisurely to find a nice place to watch your child rock it out in the first ever CYCL race and create an Awesomesauce family tradition of mountain bike racing excellence.

You can do it, we believe in you! Register now at