Awesome Race 3!

Hey, Folks!

We had a great turnout yesterday, despite the cool and damp conditions. I’m very proud to see the grit our kids have! They got it done, and we’re headed back to North Mecklenburg Park for the finale. We’re hoping to see a big crowd out there and many of our supporters will be in attendance.

We’ve had some awesome volunteers who have made this series. I had some moms step in to help me with registration and timing, which has helped the races run smoothly and on schedule. Overall awards will be extra-awesome this year, thanks to one of our dads who graciously volunteered his time to make something special this Fall. And as always, some great dads have joined in as volunteers to sweep the course to make sure our kids finish the race safely. Thanks so much to all of you who share this passion with me!

It’s been a great year and I’m very proud of all the kids and their progression! That’s one of the most rewarding things for me is to witness these kids growing in their skill, self confidence, self discipline, and sportsmanship.

See you Sunday!