2013 CYCL race dates announced

We are excited to announce that CYCL will return to Fisher Farm Park for a four race series this spring. Our race dates are as follows.

  • March 17th
  • April 7th
  • April 21st
  • May 5th

Please spread the word. We would love to see a lot more kids on the start line this spring.

Category Changes for 2013

We have a change up in our categories this year. Unfortunately due to very low participation. CYCL is dropping support for the 15-16 and 16-17 age categories. Moving forward we will be a 14 and under race series. We had really hoped to provide a venue for all school aged kids but the interest just does not seem to be there for those age groups.

The first question you might ask is would we consider adding them back. Yes, anything is possible, provided we get enough interested racers who will commit.

Now say you are in those age groups or are getting close to “aging out” of CYCL. There most definitely are racing opportunities all around you. Our partner Charlotte Sports Cycling runs many racing events in many disciplines that have juniors categories. Beyond that there are quite a few other organizations who also conduct races in our region.

Charlotte Sports Cycling

Charlotte Mountain Bike – CSC, mountain bike specific site

Show us what you’ve got!

How about a little contest before the contest?

You know what I like? Well, yes I do like biking but I like watching videos online. Music, cycling, sports, funny stuff, serious stuff, interesting stuff….there is a lot of cool stuff out there in Webland. If you remember, watching online videos kinda got me into this whole biking thing in the first place. So we got to thinking that maybe we should do a video contest. After all, just about every phone can shoot video with pretty good results and those little video cameras are everywhere these days.

Are you in? Cool.

Starting right now, go make a short video. The theme is youth mountain biking and we want you to show us your passion for riding and racing. We want more kids on bikes (and on the start line) so help us tell the world just how awesome biking is. You can tell your story any way you want, be serious, be silly, make up your own song, shows us you mad biking skills or what you are doing to get ready for race day. Most of all, be you because you are pretty awesome as you are.

The particulars

When we say short, we mean short. In video less really is more. Three minutes is a loooong video. Two and a half is a good goal but we will let you be the judge.
I’m going to say it anyway, but keep it clean. Mud is cool, we love mud. Use all the mud you want but keep it clean. Clear as mud? Cool.
When you are satisfied with your video, send it to us. Give us a link to it on our Facebook page, email us…. whatever. If you don’t know how to get it to us, contact us and between the two of us we’ll figure it out.
We will link to all submitted videos on our Facebook page on March 3rd and voting will begin.
Voting will be counted by Facebook likes.
Voting will close on March 16th
So share that sucker far and wide. Call all your family and friends and get them to like it and share it too. Tell the world!
The video with the most likes at midnight will be declared the winner.

And the winner gets what?

The winner will win one free registration to the CYCL 2013 race series and maybe some CYCL swag.

Legal stuff

You will grant CYCL unlimited use of the video to promote youth cycling. We aren’t going to sell your video, we just want to spread the word about youth cycling and get more kids on bikes. Hey, if you become an internet sensation we can say we knew you before you hit the big time.